Fabulous Beni Ourain Rug 6x9 ft - 295x183 cm

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Authentic Pure Beni Ourain Moroccan rug with a Boho Spirit from Morocco.

This Unique rug is handwoven With Colourful dots, following no rules but the artisan mood and inspiration to give a superb outcome. A beautiful example of tribal art.


✧Dimensions: 9.67 x 6.00 ft. (295 x 183 cm)
✧Material: 100% Wool. No chemicals or synthetic dyes.
✧Origin: Handmade in Morocco
✧Condition: Excellent condition! Please note that given its handmade nature, the measurements may slightly vary and may not be proportionate.


✧Buying a handmade product which is committed to the environment you get a one of a kind piece and you also collaborate with sustainable livelihoods, fair trade markets and a working model compatible with family life.

✧Each item in our shop is one of a kind with a story and a soul, and no other person in the planet earth will have the exact same one.

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