How to stuff you Moroccan Leather Pouf

Traditionally in Morocco, Poufs are stuffed with camel hair to give them a nice density and shape. Since it’s a hard component to find nowadays, you can have a same or even a better result if you follow our stuffing instructions.


Your pouf can be filled with almost anything you have in hands: polyester balls, plastic grocery bags, towels/sheets, or old clothing. Polyester fiber can easily be found in most fabric stores. However, we think it is better to use old clothing to fill up your pouf. It will make it heavy, plump and comfortable! You could also use some old sheets or towels you are no longer using.


Step 1: Unzip your Moroccan Leather Pouf and unfold it. Don’t worry about the creases in the leather, the filling will stretch and smoothen the surface of the leather.

Step 2: Gather your filling material and make sure it’s clean and dry.

Step 3: Start by filling the edges of your pouf and try to make sure that all the parts are filled equally.

Step 4: Continue filling your pouf evenly until it’s completely filled.

Step 5: Zip your pouf and roll it on its side to adjust the overall shape.

You are now ready to enjoy your Moroccan leather pouf! It can be used as an ottoman, a footrest or as a low seat around the coffee table.


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