11 uses for your Moroccan Pouf

Historically, the Pouf Ottoman has mainly be used or associated with being a foot rest or foot stool, or even as a simple but low seat.

However, if you investigate and observe how they have been used in a range of settings, the Pouf Ottoman can be so much more.

Here are some of the not-so-uncommon ways we have seen the Pouf Ottoman be used:

  1. Alternative to coffee or side table near the couch – make sure you protect the ottoman with a tray or trivet.
  2. General serving table for food, snacks, fruit and vegies. Again make use of a good tray for protection and stability.
  3. Use it as a place to play board or card games.
  4. Seat for small children: eating or just having face-to-face chats with them.
  5. Low table for all other things - books, bags and other Bric-à-brac.
  6. Bed side table (if on low bed or futon)
  7. Soft stepping stool for the vertically challenged.


Less formal uses:

  • We have seen kids wrestling and rolling around with it, much like a puppy might play around with a ball.
  • Stack them and then watch them fall
  • Hide valuables or cash within filling of pouf ottoman
  • Extra storage space for clothes you don't need but don’t want to give away


We’d love to hear from you - What other ways have you used your Pouf Ottoman or seen them being used?